Who is involved in the Rekindle Movement?
A growing list of credit unions in the Mid-Atlantic region — Credit unions who see value in collaborating with fellow credit unions to solve their thorniest challenges together.

What is a Rekindle “cell”?
Rekindle is organized into regional groups of credit union leaders interested in expanding their opportunities to collaborate. We call them cells, as each cell contributes to the overall “body” of rekindle throughout Mid-Atlantic Corporate’s membership. A cell is a gathering of fellow credit union leaders in a region to build stronger bonds of trust and cooperation.

Where are these cells located?
Rekindle Cells are coming up all over the Mid-Atlantic region based on grassroots interest. Typically, we await a critical mass of interest prior to chartering a new cell. However, chances are increasing that there is either already a cell in your area or one in the making. Please contact your Mid-Atlantic Corporate Account Manager for more information.

What is 14 + 12?

What is expected of me and my credit union if I join a cell?
Cells meet either monthly or quarterly depending on the wishes of the group. Each cell member is expected to attend all meetings, contribute their ideas, thoughts and skills to the development of regional collaborations. This typically is made up of modest research, market assessment, business modeling, leading an idea, and a desire to pilot new shared services. Rest assured, though, that the Rekindle team is ready and willing to help organize, inform and keep things moving along.

Is there a cost to join Rekindle?
Blood, sweat and tears is all we ask. No money. (No, it is free; however, there are potential costs associated with any new collaborative service that may arise from the group!)

What back office services is Rekindle currently considering?
All services originate directly from the regional cells. For this reason, a wide array of services is in various stages of assessment. They include: compliance, IT cloud services, group insurance, core processing, and HR services. Please know that in order for a service or function to be considered, you need only to join a cell and let your voice be heard

If there is an exception to every rule, is there an exception to that rule?

I have an idea for Rekindle, where should I send it and what happens to it once I’ve submitted it?
Today, all ideas for collaboration services are generated and discussed within active regional cells. Please contact your Mid-Atlantic Corporate Account Manager to find a group formed, forming, or formable in your area.

We all believe in collaboration and it’s been talked about a lot, how is Rekindle different?
Collaboration makes sense to nearly everyone in the credit union movement. The uptick in collaboration activity nationwide is palpable. The trick – the hard part – is how to get started in meaningful ways. Rekindle is conceived as one potential way forward – a framework.

In short, it is about the do’ing – the execution. Rekindle matches great planning with a laser focus on executing on the great ideas. This requires a discipline of thought as, together, we assess the impact and feasibility of the ideas – always driving them to execution.