Welcome to Rekindle…

Rekindle is not about a magic wand that will fix and save every credit union – it’s about “rekindling” the passion and purpose that made credit unions great.

How will Rekindle do this? By…

  • taking us back to where we began before distrust, uncertainty and competition got the best of us;
  • bringing out the best in all of us through collaboration and cooperation;
  • uniting communities and impacting future generations through local, intimate and cooperative financial services; and
  • believing (and knowing) we are better together than apart.

Led by MidAtlantic Corporate Federal Credit Union and a band of committed CUs, Rekindle is the platform that provides CUs alternative solutions to their daily challenges.

Every day CUs are faced with issues that impact their bottom line, team members and credit union. As these issues are identified, CUs can call on Rekindle for fresh solutions to help face these challenges. We all need a little help at times and Rekindle is a resource and solution provider that will generate collaborative back-office innovation, which will in turn help us work together more.

We believe the strongest risk worth taking is collaborating with our fellow credit unions. Won’t you join us in this movement today and see how Rekindle can help your CU?